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Intelcon is an organization of professionals and academicians from finance, information technology and supply chain management sectors, who follow the everchanging dynamics of the world closely. The main motivation behind is our target to secure companies’ position on the international stage via our consultancy and trainings which we design by combining our knowledge and experience in different lines of business in an unusual creative way.

How We Work

1. We get measure of your company

For a company-specific consultancy service first we get to know your company profile in detail at aggreed lines of business and report SWOT analysis for each line.

2. Together with you we finalize your needs

After company analysis, in a steady dialogue together we take out the list of requirements and analys them

3. We produce private solutions only for you

Analysing your requirements by considering the time, cost-effectivity and profitability we create new optional solutions for your each requirement.

4. We strengthen you for the forced race in global environment

We dont live you alone at the hardest phase of development and support you during the implementation of decided solutions by consulting, by managing the implementation project and by direct participation in operations with our specialists.

Your Global Solution Partner

The world is changing rapidly and this change creates not only new opportunities for companies, but new threats as well. There is only one way of benefiting from the opportunities while at the same time hedging against the threats, that is having accurate and timely information. We offer consulting services tailored to your needs so that you can explore what the economic and geopolitical changes shaping our world mean for you and your business.

Import & Export

We ensure your company to import cost-efficient, high quality and on time solutions whereas we hedge your geographical risks with incoming foreign currency by profitable and sustainable export.

Market Analysis

We minimize your trade risks by detailed market analysis which promises an easier path at entry to targeted markets.

Global Management

We consistently follow the upcoming opportunities and threats of the new world by tracking and analysing changes of macro economic & political trends in order to update your knowledge and position in markets.

Supply Chain Management

For most appropriate proccess at your sales and procurement, we support you either by logistics and customs consultancy and/or by implementation of our high traceable ``supply chain management system`` where ERP, CRM and E-trade modules all are well integrated.

Combining the production methodology of West and Asian productivity, we move on our path to new horizons as modern face of consulting and global trade.
Sinan Tutuman Founder - Consultant

Renew your business according to changes on world dynamics

We provide consultancy services in Finance, Information Technology and Global Business in order to strengthen your company's edge within the competitive environment of the international market.

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Customers & Partners

We provide consultancy & services to global firms which are the big gamers of their sectors.